When you are so close to your business, it becomes hard to see the wood for the trees. A second opinion will help take you to the next level.


You own a small business in Ibiza or further afield, successful yet you have a niggling feeling it could be doing better? Having become so close to the day to day, you would welcome a fresh pair of eyes to suggest a few tweaks to take you to the next level.

After reaching director level, solely in charge of a revenue stream of over £12m and 20 people, I had to make many important decisions across a spectrum of departments. These would often be as a reaction to an issue that needed an immediate solution or one based on medium and long term goals. I love being asked for my opinion and as much as is like to give it...

I also love to make a difference

Below is an idea of some of the common topics we may review during the consultation:

  • Operational Procedures - brainstorming current practices and deciding on new ones to improve efficiency
  • Business Planning - updating or creating a plan to reflect current requirements
  • Competition - where are you placed amongst your competitive set; analysis of their products, services and presence in your marketplace
  • Employees - analysis of team structure, workloads and motivation levels. Happy team = productive workplace!


I offer either a half or full days business consultation (on site preferred). We prepare an agenda beforehand based on your concerns, goals or anything else you may need a second opinion on. On the day we sit down and thrash it out, get it all off your chest and turn these stresses into a well thought out plan of attack!

I follow up the session with a plan reflecting what we discussed. Depending on what we decide, I may be able to implement these myself, otherwise I will source someone who can.

Need a fresh pair of eyes?