I’m here to enable you to stay true to your goals whilst living a fulfilled professional and personal life.



From corporate to freelance

Prior to setting up my own business, I was employed by some of the most well respected operators in the London media industry. They lead the way for highly advanced media platforms, innovative cross media solutions and an ever increasing annual commercial revenue stream of over £250m. I admire them, the huge brands they represent and the global clients I worked with. In addition to my standard day-to-day, I had the added responsibility of organising and hosting any corporate VIP international trips...


Needless to say, I learnt a lot!

After 12 years working my way up to Business Director, responsible for a team of 20 sales execs, something still wasn't quite 'doing it' for me. Despite the job, the trendy flat in West London and a packed social calendar, I wasn't jumping out of bed in the morning...

Something had to change!

As many of us do, I craved a life in the sun and a timetable of my own. Having such a corporate past, working for myself seemed daunting at first but I recognised my skill set and experiences could set me apart and enable me to offer a range of services to a variety of clients on a freelance basis.

With no real commitments in the UK, I set up a location independent business and now I see the sun most days. I carry out almost all of my work on a completely virtual basis, enabling me to shape the lifestyle I was longing for...

Now I love being able to help people find their work/life balance too.